A Level Physical Education

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What will you be working towards?

Alternative Title Physical Education
Code 7582
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3


The A-level course in physical education i sdesigned to equip students with both a depth and breadth of knowledge, understanding and skills relating to scientific, socio-cultural and practical aspects of physical education. This will require them to: develop theoretical knowledge and understanding of the factors that underpin physical activity and sport and use this knowledge to improve performance; understand how physiological and psychological states affect performance; understand the key socio-cultural factors that influence people's involvement in physical activity and sport; understand the role of technology in physical activity and sport; refine their ability to perform effectively in physical activity and sport by developing skills and techniques and selecting and using tactics, strategies and/or compositional ideas; develop their ability to analyse and evaluate to improve performance; understand the contribution which physical activity makes to health and fitness; improve as effective and independent learners and as critical and reflective thinkers with curious and enquiring minds.


This course covers a wide range of topics related to Physical Education. The content of the course includes; Applied Anatomy and Physiology, Biomechanics, Sports Psychology, Sport in Society and Technology in Sport. You will be able to apply your knowledge to the competitive sporting context in which you are performing. The students that most enjoy and flourish upon the course are those who are heavily involved in sport and physical activity, and those who have a genuine interest in all aspects of the sporting world.


How will it be delivered?

Assessment for the course is based upon three separate components, as shown below. The two examinations are each 2 hours in length, and include both short answer and extended questions.  

Paper 1 – This examination is taken at the end of the course and is worth 35% of the total A Level. It covers factors affecting participation in physical activity and sport, which includes three sections on applied anatomy and physiology, skill acquisition and sport in society.  

Paper 2 – This examination is taken at the end of the course and is worth 35% of the total A Level. It covers factors affecting optimal performance in physical activity and sport, which includes three sections on exercise physiology and biomechanics, sport psychology and sport in society and technology in sport. 

The non-examined assessment is worth 30% of the total A Level. You will be required to provide suitable video evidence of yourself as either a performer or a coach which will be assessed by your teacher and the moderator. In addition, you will be required to complete a written analysis of your performance.

Entry requirements

GCSE Level 6 in PE.  
 Sixth Form entry also requires:  
• GCSE Level 5 in English and Mathematics 
• Four other GCSE’s at Level 5  

Students who have not studied GCSE PE will need to have a Level 6 in GCSE Science.  
All students taking PE must be playing competitively in one of the sports on the A Level specification, and must understand that it is their responsibility to provide video evidence of themselves competing in their sport for assessment purposes. 

Your next steps...

Students who study A Level Physical Education can access many opportunities after the course. This includes careers in sports science, physiotherapy, PE teaching, personal training, sports development and management, as well as professional sport. This qualification can also help you to access university courses including Sports Science, Nutrition, Sports Marketing, Teacher Training, Performing Arts, Dance and Psychology.