GCE A Level in Mathematics

Science and Mathematics

Science and Mathematics
Science and Mathematics
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Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Part Time


Mathematics at AS and A level is a course that is well worth studying in its own right. It is both challenging and interesting as it builds on the topics you have met at GCSE and develops the ideas further. It is particularly suited to people who enjoy problem solving, computation and logical reasoning including proof.

A Level Maths is nationally one of the most popular subjects taken by students at post 16. The skills you learn whilst studying Maths at a higher level are in high demand by Universities and employers alike.

Building heavily on your secure knowledge from GCSE, A Level Maths explores calculus, trigonometry and proof, enabling you to make links between your expanding knowledge and the real world.

You will learn how to use large amounts of information to spot patterns, make hypotheses and draw conclusions. You will model every day scenarios and use Mathematics to predict outcomes.


Core Mathematics 1

Indices and surds; Polynomials; Coordinate geometry and graphs; Differentiation.

Core Mathematics 2

Trigonometry; Sequences and series; Algebra; Integration.

Core Mathematics 3

Algebra and functions; Trigonometry; Differentiation and integration; Numerical methods.

Core Mathematics 4

Algebra and graphs; Differentiation and integration; Differential equations; Vectors.

Probability and Statistics 1

Representation of data; Probability; Discrete random variables; Bivariate data.

Decision Mathematics 1

Algorithms; Graph theory; Networks; Linear programming.

Entry requirements

You must have followed the Higher Tier Mathematics syllabus at GCSE and need to achieve a grade 7 or higher to be accepted onto the course. A minimum of four other GCSEs at grade 4-9 or better are also required.

Your next steps...

A-level maths is a highly sought after qualification in the workplace and in Higher Education. It opens the doors to many degree courses in the scientific, technological, engineering fields as well as architectural, design, financial and computing sectors.

A Level Maths is often a requirement for student wishing to study degrees in Mathematical subjects such as Engineering, Sciences, Computing, Finance/Economics and Mathematics. Irrespective of your future career plans, the logical thinking, problem solving and reasoning skills you learn from studying A Level Maths will prove to be an invaluable asset.