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What will you be working towards?

Alternative Title Football Coaching and Youth Development - FdSc
Code C6G2
Qualification Type Undergraduate Qualification
Qualification Level Level 5
Course type Full Time


Football coaching has become a multi-disciplinary vocation, today’s football coaches are expected to have a wide knowledge base surrounding the coaching process. No longer is football coaching just about the provision of football related drills and activities. This programme aims to provide you with the necessary underpinning theory required by the modern football coach. Alongside the theoretical input you will also be able to gain experience in ‘real world’ coaching environments as you apply what has been taught onto the pitch.

This programme aims to provide students the opportunity to develop their football coaching practice alongside theoretical models of coaching practice. It will aim to develop student’s coaching ability in a grassroots setting, such as schools and local football clubs, as well as creating an awareness of the requirements in coaching football in a professional environment. The programme will fully integrate the Football Association’s latest coaching philosophies that are used by the Football Association (FA) as a template for coach development and the consideration required when coaching youth football at all levels.

This programme is a unique concept in the local area and has been designed to allow students to experience the football coaching environment in both a grassroots setting as well as a professional setting. Not only will students engage in practical coaching practices they will also develop additional theoretical knowledge which is required for employment in the professional game. Coaching specialists will deliver bespoke sessions in order to develop the students understanding of session planning and structure. Visits and observations of sessions delivered by first team coaches and performance analysts at professional clubs will also be a key feature of the programme. These visits will increase the student experience as well as introducing them to the professional football environment.

The programme will also embed vocational coaching qualifications so students will have the industry required qualifications to be able to apply for employment positions across a range of roles in a range of locations, both domestic and abroad. The Level 1 Futsal programme will be embedded into the induction programme and will be covered by course fees, but will set a tone and sense of anticipation at the beginning of the programme. Throughout the programme students will be signposted to online FA qualifications such as Talent Identification, Psychology, Respect, Rules of the Game; while they will not be mandatory, it will be expected that students will complete these in their own study time. Level 1 Football Coaching includes ‘Safeguarding and Treatment of Injuries’ as elements within the course and the students will undertake these as part of the Level 1 course.

If you are seeking a career in football coaching or are already working in the football industry? This programme will enhance your understanding of the game from a coaching perspective as well as afford you coaching experience and interaction with personnel from the professional game. With a part-time option also available, the programme seeks to provide the most appropriate experience possible for aspiring football coaches.


Year 1

- Football Coaching (mandatory)

- Youth Development and Learning Through Football

- Professional Skills

- Introduction to Football Science

- The Culture of Football

- Football Placement 1 (mandatory

Year 2

- Applied Football Coaching (mandatory)

- Football Performance Analysis

- Football Initiatives and Coaching Diverse Groups

- Fundamentals of Football Fitness

- Research Methods for Football Coaching

- Football Placement 2 (mandatory)

How will it be delivered?

The assessment methods for this programme seek to replicate where possible the football coaching environment. The modern football coach will need to possess excellent communication skills across wide range of audiences as well as producing written documents which record developmental information. The rationale behind such an approach is that the programmes primary intention is to ensure student’s employability skills match their theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Student will undergo rigorous assessment which will transfer into the workplace and provide a holistic series of assessments directly related to football coaching and youth development. It is this assessment ethos which will enhance the learning experience for the students and allow students to experience the requirements of a football coach.

The style of the assessments will be a mixture of written, spoken and practical, which would normally be associated with study at this level. The use of reports and case studies will allow student the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to utilise primary and secondary research. Vocal assessments will see students communicate to a variety of audiences including those already involved in the professional game. Student’s communication skills will be assessed in a variety of situations including on the football pitch as well as the classroom. Practical assessments will allow students to demonstrate their growing capabilities as a football coach and will be assessed in different environments as well as amongst diverse groups of players. Assessments have been carefully planned and created to afford students the optimum learning and assessment experience.

Entry requirements

The standard offer is  80 UCAS points which on vocational Further Education is equivalent to Merit Merit Pass at extended diploma or Distinction Merit at diploma level and Students are also required to hold a minimum grade C/5 in English and Maths GCSE.

All applicants will be required to undertake a target skills assessment as part of their admissions process.

If students do not have the standard academic qualifications then applicants must demonstrate a clear commitment to the programme and a passion for football coaching. Applicants are strongly encouraged to include evidence of relevant practice experience in the sector. This would be demonstrated at the application stage, it is also the intention to promote an open event where all applicants will be invited to a football coaching development day to participate in 20 minute micro coaching activities and interview with programme tutors.

Students will also be expected to have received their FA Number (FAN) or commenced the application process, so they can instantly access the FA online learning programmes.

Your next steps...

Upon the successful completion of this programme there are a range of opportunities to continue your studies or enter the work place. Following this Foundation Degree you can elect to complete a top-up year in a football related programme of study or on a generic ‘Sports Coaching degree programme. An additional option is to study a Cert Ed programme should you be interested in teaching as a career option. For those wishing to enter in to employment, there are numerous football providers working at grass roots level as well as the semi and professional game. Coaches who can combine theoretical knowledge alongside coaching qualifications and a wide range of coaching experience will be highly sought after within grass roots provision. Students who are seeking employment at higher level will have experienced working at that level during the second year and will be are of what is required to meet the needs of professional and semi-professional clubs. Alternatively students can apply for coaching positions abroad in countries who are looking to develop their football coaching infrastructure. Students will be offered the opportunity to meet with and discuss coaching opportunities abroad and be supported in their application.