Alcohol and Drugs

Health, Support and Well Being

Health, Support and Well Being

Drugs and alcohol are often seen as part of ‘the student experience’.

‘Social drinking’ can very quickly turn into binge drinking and, if students are not mindful, it becomes commonplace. When inhibitions are lowered or drugs are seen to be more ‘normal’ or 'okay'. This can lead to students experimenting with different illicit and prescription drugs. These perceptions about substances can lead to many harmful effects.

You are more likely to engage in risky behaviour including walking home alone, having unprotected sex, getting into fights or getting involved in an accident.

You may have suffered from poor sleep and be unable to complete your work or attend lectures.

The mental effects of drugs and alcohol are enormous. The next day you may not recall what you have done which can lead to anxiety, regret and worry. You may suffer from bad hangovers or ‘come-downs’.

Substance use can unlock the door to mental ill health and mental illness like depression, anxiety and psychosis.

Drugs and alcohol can have terrible effects on your physical health and put you at higher risk of developing cancer, liver disease, heart disease, stroke and infertility.

Heavy drinking can impact on your personal relationships and can affect your energy levels, mental agility and ability to concentrate, which will have a knock on effect on your studies.