A Great Experience

University Life

University Life

University offers lots of great experiences for everyone to enjoy.

The good times keep coming after you graduate with the increased freedom offered by your increased earning potential.

University is a great time to build your independence. Many Universities are located in central city locations with lots going on both on and off campus.

You can make new friends through lectures, clubs, student life and city living.

Here is a list of some of the interesting clubs in Universities around the country.

  • The Curry Society- Leicester University
  • Harry Potter Society- Cardiff University
  • Hummous Society– London School of Economics
  • Society for Gentlemanly Pursuits– Keele University
  • The Pirate Society- University of Sussex

At University you will find sports clubs you can be a part of, enjoy comedy shows, or maybe even try your hand at some amateur theatre.

With the wealth of fresh ideas from young and creative people many University towns and cities have different music and art scenes, craft beer pubs, records stores and vintage clothes shops.

You yourself may be a young creative or have an artsy side you have yet to discover which you can explore with the other like-minded people you will meet.

Many Universities themselves are points of interest featuring stand-out architecture, both historic buildings and modern landmarks. Larger campuses will likely feature green spaces like parks and walks, art features, libraries and recreational facilities. 

If you are living away at Uni you will get to experience student dorms or student housing. Experience living with other student residents or house mates. This means cooking meals together, lots of time to catch up in communal spaces and plan activities together to build lifelong friendships.