Revision Tips

Here are some tips to help make the most of your revision time. By making a plan and organising your time you can divide your revision into manageable chunks.

What you need to know

Organise a revision plan as early as possible, this will allow you to work out how much time to spend revising each day and when to take breaks.

Prepare a revision checklist

Divide the number of days you have until your exams, by the number of subjects you need to revise, to ensure you cover all subjects and topics.

Make a revision plan

  • Once you know how many days you need to spend revising each topic, you will be able to make revision part of your daily routine. Revise often, try and do a little every day.
  • Set aside time on your plan for things you need to do, like going to school, mealtimes and leisure activities
  • Split the remaining time into half hour slots
  • Break each subject/topic on your revision checklist into chunks you can cover in 30 minutes and fill your slots with these chunks

Where to study

  • Find somewhere quiet
  • Keep background noise to a minimum
  • Avoid distractions!

How to study

There is ‘no right way’ to revise and there are a number of different techniques, you might find a mix of these suits you best.

  • Read your revision notes
  • Read for detail, where you need to have a good understanding of the text, take it slowly and ask yourself questions when you’re reading
  • Skim to get the general idea of a large piece of text
  • Scan to look for specific information such as names, numbers, dates and quotes


  • Turn your notes into revision tools:
  • Write ideas and facts onto cards, to use as prompts
  • Create memory aids such as diagrams
  • Study with a friend and test each other
  • Work through past exam papers
  • Use study and revision guides

Look after yourself

  • Regular breaks are important
  • A 5 minute break every 30 minutes is better than 30 minutes after five hours
  • Breaks will help you absorb the information and avoid overload
  • It’s important to set aside time, to take your mind off exams
  • Lots of sleep and regular exercise will help you stay alert